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I help individuals and corporations find solutions to manage the stress response so they can excel in business, and have a more prosperous and productive life.

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Keeping your staff informed about self-care and preventative methods for health can increase productivity and decrease missed work time and tardiness.

Dr Gruver teaches simple ways to avoid job burn out, reduce injuries, decrease stress, even deal with afternoon fatigue, headaches and arm pain.

Employers choose from the following topics:

  • Customized stress and wellness workshops tailored to what your company needs; either live or via computer
  • Stress and relaxation, how to use mini meditations, affirmations, mindfulness
  • Personal and individual employee stress and health consulting
  • Taking breaks and how to use them to their fullest
  • Ergonomics and individual workstation assessment
  • Stretching, includes handouts and demos
  • Bad office habits
  • Repetitive stress injuries and how to prevent them
  • What to do if you get them
  • Self-care tips
  • Office Exercise
  • Environment, bring the outside in
  • Office nutrition & hydration
  • The afternoon slump
  • Office Aches
  • What to do with the golf ball, pillowcase and wallet
  • Mind/Body components of work disease
  • Avoid getting sick
  • Spontaneity and fun
  • Body Structure
  • Communication
  • Individual work station analysis
  • Private health consultations w/staff
  • Kitchen assessment
  • Follow up visits and phone/email support
  • Hand outs and copies of Conquer your Stress

Choose from the above topics and Dr Gruver will create the perfect workshop just for you.

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